Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saturday Afternoon Update: Intercultural Reality & Going on a Mission

After lunch on Saturday, we heard from a panel of three Giving Voice Sisters (Lourdes Gomez, CCVI, Chero Chuma, CSJP, and Julia Walsh, FSPA) about the gift and challenge of living the mission of our congregations in our intercultural and diverse reality.  These three women spoke deeply from the heart and sparked a wonderful response from Yolanda Tarango, CCVI and a large group conversation.
Chero Chuma, CSJP shares about her ministry in health care
and with the Kenyan community in the United States

We then headed outside for an interactive adventure we called: "Going on a Mission."  Participants were broken into groups of three and randomly assigned one of three roles.  One was blindfolded so that she could not see.  Another had a cloth tied around her mouth indicating that she could not speak.  And the third had a cloth tied around her legs so that her movement was limited.  The groups of three were then given a mission: to cross the parking lot, step up a ledge, make a figure 8 around a group of trees, and then return to their starting place ... as a group!

Trio on a mission

After witness talks by Adiana Calzada, CCVI and Anna Keim, SNJM about what is emerging for them so far through the conference, we ended our day with liturgy, dinner and a social.

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